Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When Flaws Collide

Well, good morning. I woke up today with my right eyeball fully bright and red like the sun. It looks awful. Julia, the daughter-in-law, cringed, squeezed her eyes shut, turned her head away and said ewwwwwwwwwww.

I should go through crowds shouting "make way for one who is unclean". I feel hideous. Isn't there always something? Bad hair, big zit, pants too tight? This is infuriating. Yup. There's always something.

Further, I hate my phone. It's a Treo from Sprint and people always complain that I'm not answering my phone. On occasion, I hear a little "ping" from my phone and if I look, I'll find a contact (phone number) highlighted. But I don't usually hear the "ping". I just miss the call. Don't "Trouble Shoot" for me. I don't have wrong settings or my sound turned off or anything like that. It's just a crappy phone.

Today it hit the fan, though, because I missed a call from my doctor, as re: my eye. Two pains converged. When I called immediately back, I got the recording of course. This sucks. I'm heading to the Sprint store AGAIN to try to figure this out. While there, they won't be listening to me either because they'll be busy being grossed out by my eye.

And those of you who have great hair? Don't you ever complain to me or say you know just how I feel. Great hair is compensation for anything short of chemo. Bad eye, stupid phone, fat behind. All that would be okay, I bet, if I just had great hair, but too bad. Thanks for the moment. I needed the rant.


Jaime said...

We all have those days, and you are so right, there is ALWAYS something. I guess the trick is just trying to be happy with what we do have....count our blessings. (some days that is easier said than done). I hope the eye is better. :)

cba191 said...

iPhone anyone?