Friday, May 22, 2009

Steps and Mortar Boards

Granddaughter Ali has a certain swagger today. She graduated from Miss Karen's Preschool. It was a lovely morning, complete with caps and gowns. Max cried because his hat wouldn't stay on and boycotted the proceedings by sitting down, but other than some other hats coming off, everything went without a hitch.

The Alphabet Song was probably sung with most gusto, but "I Love to Eat, Eat, Eat Apples and Bananas" was close. Maybe ten or twelve songs in all, sung with waxing and waning heart. Then there was the parade of grads and a diploma, complete with a hug from Miss Karen. Cookies and water followed as the grads and their parents exchanged well-wishes for the summer.

Steps in life generally increase in difficulty, but along with that comes increased competency, it is hoped. With cherished teachers like Miss Karen, how could we go wrong? But then we sometimes do. Maybe it does have to do with the hugs and cookies. Maybe also a mother who drives you to school both figuratively and literally?


Wendy said...

and ipples and bininis and opples and bononos and upples and bununus?

Linda Aukschun said...

That's the song? You know it then?