Friday, May 15, 2009

Earth - The Movie

We went to see ‘Earth” today and it was magnificent. It was not the absolutely thrilling spectacle I had expected. Maybe it was due to the restraint held on the music rising and falling in the background. Also, it showed the plodding along of nature as the case often is, so it tended to be slow at times, but it was wonderful nonetheless. There also was no blood or graphic killing so it would not be alarming to the tender souls. But it was not for the really young children who were in the audience at the showing we attended as it didn’t keep their attention for very long -- all seemed kinda bored and one had to be taken out by a disappointed parent. That child preferred counting the seats although she couldn't count beyond 100 so she was a little restricted.

But I was stricken by the brilliance of the cycles and balances of nature, and to the great goodness of God in mix as I had anticipated. I probably wouldn’t buy it, but I definitely am glad I saw it.

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