Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Book Report -- A Debut of Sorts

Well, I really made a great impression, I'm sure, on my brand-new book club when I panned the book we read.

The book was Jodi Picoult's Vanishing Acts. The truth be known, I didn't like one of the characters in the whole book -- well maybe the four-year-old, but her part wasn't that big. I'd elaborate, but I'd spoil it for those who plan to read the book (unless I've all ready done that), and those who don't have such plans would be simply bored.

The word used by the group leader for me was "enthusiastic". Perhaps this is good, but maybe it's really a word that actually means, "You talked too much for a newbie at Book Club." I'll let you know later.

Our next book is Isaac Bashevis Singer's "Enemies, A Love Story." No doubt a much better book. I can say this without even opening the first page. If you have to ask me how I know this, don't even ask. Just Google the author's name. I'm just saying.

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