Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Biking - You Never Forget How, But You Do Lose Some of the Style

I rode my bike clear around Oquirrh Lake day before yesterday and though it darn near killed me, I did it and I hardly stopped.  And I stopped about twice only because I was about to fall off because I was nearly stopped.

Yes, the trails have only the slightest of inclines and yes, they have only the slightest of turns and the rarest of corners, but hey, it's been a long time.  I learned to ride over sixty years ago, but its been a few years since I was in the best of shape for it.

I went through all my gears on my bike from the easiest to the hardest, grunting up the hills and panicking down the slopes, slopping around the bends and jerking like an idiot around the corners, but I did it.

Carl led the way so he didn't have to witness the embarrassment and he also kept assuring me that every endeavor will make me better, stronger, tougher and braver.  It was awesome though my thighs hurt like sons-of-guns for the whole evening afterward.  Did I add I look like a dork with my helmet on, but I think that further brain damage is not worth the chic.

I"m pretty sure I'll try the trek around the lake again.  Carl says it was maybe two-and-a-half miles.  Maybe when I get a little buffer and my strength is up so the wobblies don't get to me quite so bad.   But I think the helmet better stay.  Can't be too careful.  Not with the Cannon head.


Bonnie said...

Linda you look good!!!! Kathy Samsel inspired me to get a bike. I love it! Your thighs will decide you mean business and cooperate soon! I promise!

Wendy said...

Listen to Carl - he knows what he's talking about! I never wear a helmet though, I love the wind too much. Daybreak is the greatest place to ride, we used to bring our bikes out and ride for hours. Am waiting for the Jack Sparrow post :)
P.S. You look totally stylin even without the spandex!

Lindsey said...

Wow, what a hottie!