Monday, April 26, 2010

What Goes Around Comes Around

Years ago, Stormy Williams was my cute little seminary student at Brighton High School.  Now she's Stormy Williams Goeckeritz,  wife of Bryan Goeckeritz and mother of Kira, Christian, Brooklyn and Tanner Goeckeritz and friend to Ben, Brad, Julia, Sophia, Alison and of course Carl  Aukschun.

Then we had an exclusive  relationship, she and I.  I remember the high point of that time was when I would scream the song "Stormy" to her, though she may at the time have pretended she never heard of it.  It might be surprising to many that she even speaks to me to this day, but she does.  

Now things have widened up.  Brad and Bryan both work for UPS, Ali and Sophia are regulars with the Goeckeritz kids at Classic Fun Center, and Stormy and Ben are Facebook Friends and text pals from Phoenix to Salt Lake.  Who would have thunk it? Serendipity.  

And yesterday the whole Goeckeritz clan was at my house for Sunday dinner.  It was wonderful.  

If two groups were better suited, I don't know who it is.  The kids mesh well, so do the adults and the places we hang out seem perfect for everyone.  I think I'll adopt them all.  


Bryan and Stormy said...

ok make me cry! I love you!!

Brad Aukschun said...

Cool. I appear taller than I actually am.

Bryan and Stormy said...

Brad, I think Julia IS infact taller than me! I look so short