Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wasatch Women's Social Club - Another Aspect of Me

Serendipity hit one day at Border's last year, and voila, here I was yesterday, enjoying lunch and officer installation of the Salt Lake Valley Wasatch Women's Social Club.

Actually, I mostly hang out with their Frantic Page Turner's aspect (the book club) but I've gone to Hale Theatre with them, and a dinner out with them (Carl invited as well), and let me tell you, they have a good time.
They actually started as a Welcome Wagon Group back in the '80s, then they "evolved" and I'm happy to have found them.

There were probably eighty-five good members at the luncheon yesterday, all walks of life it would appear, and ages from twenties or thirties to seventies.   They're from all over the valley, some work some don't, some life-long valley-dwellers, some new to the place and all enjoy one another.

Bunco, Canasta, weekly morning get-togethers, evening gatherings, movies, walks, bike riding, golf, skiing, its amazing.

And me?  I think I'm involved.  In part of it at least.

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