Friday, April 23, 2010

New Bad, Bad Hair Day Winner

Remember Ali's Bad Hair Day of a few weeks ago?  Here's an entry to make you contemplate the secrets of eternity and the complexities of the potential of years and years of psychoanalysis.  It was her mother's first attempt at curling her hair, documented for all posterity to see.  Hold the laughs please, out of kindness and sincere regard for the love of everything that requires compassion.

But this little chica, Sami, is tough.  She belongs to my nephew and niece, Rhead and Annie Pao Cannon.  My favorite Sami quote about karate lessons:  She bragged about how good she was at karate and her brother commented how she was half Chinese.  She responded, "I'm ALL Chinese."  Nothing halfway about her.

I'm sure she's all ready on to the next challenge.  In fact, I know that she has gone on to cure the common cold, brought the world the peace it deserves or at least has driven her brother crazier than anyone deserves to be.

And all the while making you want to kiss her silly on those cute chubby cheeks and those yummy, yummy lips.  Thank you, God, for Sami.


Annie said...

I love it!

TinkerellaCreations said...

Oh that is great! Nice attempt Annie at those curlers lol. Were they the sponge rollers? I need to see those kids again soon.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE it. And to think she's my granddaughter!!!!