Friday, April 9, 2010

The Koran Speaks Up For Women

Just a little extra something from Half the Sky.  (Now don't abandon me yet!!!  This is the end of this book's blogs.)

Something that is quite well received is lessons from the Koran throughout much of the world of Islam specifically for women.

The deal is, the Koran teaches that women should be treated well and equally, but those are not the scriptures that are well-known among the people of Islam.  So, when the women go to their Koran classes and learn of these scriptures, they go home and teach them to their husbands and something wonderful happens.  The men begin to better adhere to these teachings, because they believe and love the Koran.

Further, an interesting note is made that though the Koran is beautifully written, it can be misinterpreted, and scholarship is coming increasingly becoming more and more into the camp of believing that those who are martyrs for the cause are not going to be welcomed by seventy-two black-eyed virgins, but by a plate of seventy-two white grapes!!!!

"If the martyr-wanna-be's were to realize the prize in heaven for martyrdom was the Aramaic "Hur" (white grapes) and not the Arabic "Hur" (described variedly as a beauty, enchantress and virgin), argues Kristof, then Muslims would probably would not be in such a rush to kill themselves."

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