Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sinuses, Mine and Maybe Yours

The Cannon Head strikes again.  (The possible visual in your head is most entertaining, you know.)

I finally relented and went to an ear-nose-and-throat guy, Dr, Keith Finlayson.  In spite of the gargantuan size of my head, the passages from my sinuses are miniscule.  My sinuses are seventy to eighty percent blocked by my natural physiology in his his estimation.  Ironic, huh?

He spoke of teensy passages, bone spurs and mentioned the enormity of my turbinates.  When he mentioned this, I said "Did you say turbines?"

He said "They are something like that."  I saw the picture, and for sure they are.

Here's the reason for this post:  If you're a Cannon, have sinus problems, you might want to get this checked unless you enjoy the blinding headaches, the toxic waste trapped behind your eyes and the stuff forever leaking out.

I might have a problem getting it fixed now because I take blood thinners and getting the surgery requires I stop taking them for five days and that means there's a chance of some problems.

They say a word to the wise is sufficient.  I hope so.

I asked what sinuses are for anyway.  The doctor says no one really knows.  About three per cent of the population lacks them altogether and get along just fine, thank you.  Lucky dogs.

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