Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Birthday List is Shorter

I love my birthday -- May 13. Because of that, I love the number 13. I was 13 on Friday the thirteenth. I choose 13 when I get to choose a number. I think my mother is kind of responsible. She celebrated birthdays like none other and I love her for that.

In part, I love Spring because of my birthday. My birthday means Spring. My dad always said he'd feel safe planting after my birthday. It was warm enough to enjoy the weather, but still early enough to take treats to school. The best of both worlds.

Bea Arthur shared my birthday. I was proud of her. She was powerful, smart and a pleasure to watch. Every year when I'd check the list, she'd be there making me feel like I was in good, good company. Now she's gone.

Know who's left on my shared birthday list? Me, Stevie Wonder and Dennis Rodman. Not nearly so much a power group as it was when Bea was around. I'll miss her name on the list a lot.

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