Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stunned by Glory

Surely you've seen Susan Boyle in action. If not, go to right now. It's not so much her voice, which is glorious. It's that she's lived among us, in relative obscurity, and has had such incredible talent under wraps.

I've wondered before if there had been the potential for great music or great writing or great anything among those who were serfs in the dark ages. I wonder if there are talents we have right now that are just not in use at this time. What if I were potentially the greatest charioteer that the world had ever seen, but there's no market, no opportunity and definitely a gender bias going against me.

I'm amazed at Ms. Boyle. But I'm also thrilled at whatever potential might be around us today. Susan Boyle brings tears to my eyes first of all for her alone, but secondly, for all the rest of us and what we really might be.


Wendy said...

I listen to her over and over;
She's incredible for her talent, her courage, her humor and graciousness. I love to watch her audition and see the faces of the judges and audience when she begins to sing! She believes in her dream and has never lost hope. She's one of us and she's my hero!

Linda Aukschun said...

I know. Wish she'd come over and live with us. Somehow, I feel proud of her.