Sunday, April 12, 2009


Children find me a little scary. I talk loud, laugh loud and can be a little unpredictable. Often at spectator events I will scan about and notice the children are all watching me. I suppose they are on the alert lest I pounce and eat one of them.

Craig and Lee-ann Cannon's kids are not afraid of me. That's one of the reasons I really love them. They run up to me and give me hugs -- even little Sarah now with her sloppy smile and still-wobbly legs.

Yesterday, Rhead, the eldest of the three Cannon siblings, was baptized. It only took him one dunk, too, and he emerged smiling and triumphant. Afterwards, we gathered at Lee-Ann's parents, the Terry Martins, and gobbled food like the animals we are. That's how Mormons celebrate, it seems. We don't drink alcohol, no coffee for us. So it's heavy on the grazing foods, lunch meats, cheese, salads and chips, and plenty of laughing to make an event feel like the party it's supposed to be.

I was so glad there were so many people gathered to see Rhead's baptism. I wanted him to know how important many thought it was that he'd decided to be baptized, but also for him to know how many people really loved him. He got his obligatory set of scriptures from his cooperating grandparents, looked ever-so-handsome in his suit and was proper and mannerly in his "Thank you" and then dashed off to play with his many cousins.

I love my family and love the get-togethers even though I'm getting fatter by the day. They all mean so much to me, especially now as I'm "twilighting", including those who live too far away to make it down for yesterday's gathering. But, thanks, Rhead, for a great day.

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