Thursday, April 9, 2009

Love the New Ward

I love my new ward. Actually it's not new. It's the old Daybreak 14th Ward with a whole chunk taken off to form the Daybreak 3rd Ward. ("Ward" is the name for LDS congregations. The word is taken from the political areas in Illinois used to this day. The Mormons (LDS) were in Illinois when the "wards" were formed, so it just seemed a natural.)

My Bishop is wonderful. He is funny (a real plus for me), kinda sentimental, and looks like he belongs in a James Bond movie. He's Bishop Day as you see above.
The Relief Society President is the ever competent Ann Hobson. Gotta start baking cookies (or not.)


The Ames Family said...

Yesterday my husband and I were driving around Daybreak and I thought of you. Its good to see you have a blog. I think that they are a great way to keep people up to date about life.

Casey Ames

Big Daddy said...

pardon me for posting on your blog, I found it doing an internet search on the Daybreak 14th Ward. We are considering a couple of homes that I think would be in that ward, one on Weiss and one on Enid. We have kids ranging from 15 down to 2, and would be interested in any information that you would offer regarding the general size of the primary, scouts, young men/women. Are there enough Deacons to pass the sacrament, etc.

You can email me at

Thanks, Dave Martin