Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, Worth Waiting For Again

I love my new ward. Have I said that before? Baby voices call out constantly. My beloved Cameo Park Ward in Sandy was sadly quiet most weeks. Today in front of us in Sacrament Meeting, there was a little girl with fat arms and flat knees with curly hair that the sun shone through like a halo. These children all make me feel so hopeful about the future.

It was fun sitting by Deb White in my meetings, too. She is hilarious, insightful and a real constant for all of us.

Debbie Beck is one of those wonderful people who radiates Christlike, unconditional love all the time. She's part of the mix.

Nester and Camilla Canete performed for us today, too. He plays the violin and she sings (a professional singer at that).

Our lessons in both Sunday School and Relief Society were also great. The teachers presented great thoughts and allowed good participation.

It was the second week for our beautiful new RS President, Julie Postma, picture above. I know she'll be fabulous.

Did I say it before? I love my New Ward?


carolds said...

Never stop writing! you always remind me of blessings I sometimes take for granted.

Linda Aukschun said...

Carolds, you're a blessing yourself. I sometimes feel like I'm talking into the wind. Thank you.