Monday, April 13, 2009

The Weightier Matters

I'll admit it. I'm waiting for the magic bullet that will make weight loss a breeze. Another "share" that might be too much information for some, is that I wonder if the additional current weight might be plumping out skin that might otherwise be a bit more wrinkly around a skinnier body. I do remember the days when my skin would snap back when I lost weight, but those days, I fear, are gone.

I also read of a "twin" study that was done in which the twin who was five pounds heavier was judged to be younger than her slimmer twin. Weight, it appears, is not all bad.

I really need to lose some weight, though. I should drop twenty, maybe even thirty pounds. That's asking a lot of anybody's skin. My jeans are too tight again and I refuse to buy a larger size. I also know that hauling my sorry fat behind up my stairs is not good for me. I do need exercise, but that's not the kind that my heart doctor would prescribe, I'm sure.

Maybe if I can lose the weight, Carl will reward me with a complete body lift which will solve all my worries, but then I'd worry that he'd gone completely insane. There's always something.

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Lindsey said...

Linda, I love your blog. You always make me laugh! :)