Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comparing Flowers and God

Sunday, Dianne Sheets spoke to our ward of coming to smell the honeysuckle as a child in spite of her fear of the bees in them. She compared that to coming to the Lord. She's right. There are problems attendant to coming to the Lord. One is the pain of giving up the old, safe life. Another is the acceptance of things unseen even on days that are difficult. Another is the taking on of the requirements that a life devoted to God must bring. Definitely more than the risk of bee stings, but certainly a small price when the great questions of what we are doing here on Earth are answered.

Yesterday we were over for our final chance to serve at the Open House for the Oquirrh Mountian Temple. I stook for four hours handing out cookies until I thought my feet were going to curl up and die totally independant of me. Fortunately they did not because it would have been doubly embarrassing to have to drag my silly behind to the car. But that's a small price.

Dianne is right. It's all worth it. Nothing is much sweeter-smelling than honeysuckle and negotiating bees is not a big enough problem to forgoe the pleasure that they bring. And what God asks of us is really so little compared to what he gives in return.

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