Friday, July 10, 2009

Memory Lane And Its Little Pleasures

Some people are capable of saying just the right thing without offense or judgement.

This hilarious photo, gleaned from an ancient album, is of one of my brothers who shall remain anonymous.

This brother, however, is now revered, sedate, and always the picture of fatherly composure.

He did, however, set himself up for future abuse aplenty when he posed as the chucklehead at Lake Powell he was in this photo. Though now no one would believe it, he was the family daredevil, lunging about, charging up rocks and generally terrifying my parents at every turn when we were on vacation.

Rex, however, the favored baby son, didn't mock when he saw this picture. Surely he was just little when it was taken, but still . . . he chose his words carefully. He simply said thoughtfully, "I remember that hat."


Annie said...

is it mark???? looks like mark

Rex Cannon said...

But I do remember the hat!

Mark said...

I think saving up your blog for several days then reading them all at once is cheating, but I did it anyway. It made this Friday evening truly enjoyable. Thanks.