Thursday, July 23, 2009

Remembrance of Things Past

I miss teaching. I literally dream about teaching in some form almost every night. Last night it involved a talk I gave recently about purses and personality to the Relief Society and knitting and my son, Brad in his pajamas. But I was teaching. I was at home in the classroom.

Sometimes my dreams have me teaching adults, sometimes high school kids and other times it's at LDS Business College where I taught for eight years, but usually they are lucid and do make some sense. I could sometimes regive the lessons I give in my dreamCheck Spellings to Carl, though he would hardly appreciate it. They would be short, but they would make have some coherence. I could write a lesson plan from some of them.

I try to console myself by telling myself that it was a good run and that few people find a career they love like I loved mine. Usually, though, they just remind me how much I miss everything about teaching. I miss the students, the involvement in my lessons, my association with colleagues and with the school itself. I miss the order, the routine, the sense of duty and work to be done.

The only thing I don't miss is setting my alarm every day of my life.


Sandi said...

Didn't you say a while ago that you had dreams about flying?! So, let me get this dream that you teach while flying?! You go Girlfriend! I miss having you as my teacher too! I learned so much from you about so many things! You're the awesomest!!!

Wendy said...

You could still teach! Maybe an afternoon or evening class so you can still have your leisurely cuppa in the morning. Don't let a number stop you from doing what you love!