Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Craze Is Over. I'm Left With Carl ('s Jr., That Is)

I love jalapeño burgers from Carl's Jr though they are really, really messy. I eat them because they are good and because they are the last vestige of low carb eating done in the United States. Now that the craze is over, there is nowhere, even in health-food stores, anything low carb. There's not even no-sugar Popscicles left in the grocery stores.

And since I'm unable to eat sugar and flour anyway, and since low-carbing is the only way I can lose weight, I am left with a few Atkins bars, salad, steak, hamburger and Carl's Jr. Jalapeno burgers. I'm just saying. They are beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful, that's me in the picture.

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Annie said...

You are so much better than Paris Hilton!!!!