Saturday, July 4, 2009

Self Indulgence

Out behind the famous Old Faithful Inn, stands the very unassuming building you see above. It hasn't changed much, at least since 1961. Except for the two girls in the lobby checking their email on laptops.

I'm a witness of that. It was my dorm during that summer when I worked as a chamber maid in the very Old Faithful Inn. Not in one of the arms of the Inn, but the very Inn itself. I'd leave this dorm, every morning to work on the second floor of the Inn. Below is the front door to my dorm. I climbed those stairs a bunch of times during that summer.

We had a blast that summer. Merlene Britsch was my roommate and she did her best to keep things together for us, but to no avail.
Above, on the far right of the lower level is our room. We got the corner. There couldn't have been a better summer though Merlene did stress out a little too much.

Below is the hallway to our room on the far end on the right. The glow comes from a memory of us I'll bet, but maybe it's because I took the picture on my cell phone. I did love that place. My first home away from home.What a summer. I didn't want to leave so I stayed into September to help close down the Inn.

Wish I had pictures of those days, but I don't. I just have them in my head. Hope they stay there.

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