Thursday, July 9, 2009

Showering Thoughts

I went to a really great shower for my niece, Sarah Cannon Brown last night. The games and favors were truly excellent. The picture of the baby shoe to the left is one of the favors we left with.

Back in the day, party favors were a big deal and my mother always brought hers home, carefully preserved with candy on board, to me since I was the only daughter. (I know I was the favorite, too.) I think of that when I get cute little favors and feel a little sorry for myself since I have no daughters to bring them home to. Boys, and my handsome husband are just interested in the loot that comes in them. It's also a little embarrassing to get something tied with pink bows regardless.

I made Julia take home the little pacifiers made out of lifesavers and a jellybean we had around our necks to my granddaughters. She didn't see the significance of it I don't think. I just wish I'd been there to see them receive them.

Carl, of course, will get the shoe with the mints and pretzels inside. I'm not as thoughtful as my mother, though, because I ate the nuts.

Getting back to mother. It was always nice to have her bring home to me whatever it was she had received, but I didn't think the remembrance was so long-term. It's always nice to be remembered, but it's interesting that I remember her for remembering me so long ago. I hope she knows about it wherever she may be.


Annie said...

You're so sweet Linda! Sometimes Rhead will be little candies that he got from delivering to different people and the kids always get excited about it.

It's just nice to be remembered, because it shows that someone cared about you enough to think of you.

sarah said...

Linda, that's beautiful. At first I was just tickled that I would make it in the most read blog in the world. Now I just want to show people I love that I "remember" them.