Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Hearty Report of Heart-Healthy Activity

I rode my bicycle today and felt quite rejuvenated afterward. I think it has to do with increased blood-flow to the brain, re-oxygenation of the tissues, a release of dormant endorphans, the needed time spent in personal reflection, with the bonus of the observation of nature at its finest. It was a lovely ride during which I also visited the beautiful Julia and my two lovely granddaughters.

Let no one misunderstand, however. This is not something that will again be spoken of without my direct permission gotten in writing. You see, I know, as you do as well, that tomorrow things will return to being as they were yesterday which was when I took a dim view of anything that smacked of physical exertion let alone something as out of character as exercise. I need not be reminded of this, anyway, because I know, at least intellectually, that exercise is good for me and that getting the blood warmed up and flowing feels right and good. I also know that my life will be all the richer and brighter and more productive if only the rust was forced out of the pipes once in a while. I know all that.

What is less obvious is why I took to the streets atop my bike in the first place. It wasn't to protect my heart. Nor was it to add mileage to my shamefully-low numbers on my bike gauge. It was to protect my computer. If I hadn't gotten away from that fiendish machine, it was going out the second-story window onto the sidewalk. Now, we will not discuss this again. Understood?


Annie said...

you should try riding with a friend. Lindsey and I did that a couple of times in Mendon and we had a lot of fun. Except for the part where we were chased by wild, vicious, violent pugs......

Lindsey said...

Just want to leave a little Amen to Annie's comment. :)