Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh to be Young and Half Mountain Goat

Climbing and throwing rocks seem to be among the rites of passage. All through Yellowstone there are spots requiring that we do either or both. Below are Mark and Cindy Cannon (cousins) atop Sheepeaters Cliff. It's much taller than it appears.

There's a road in Montana, North of Yellowstone, that goes through Bear Tooth Canyon that Charles Kurault named as one of the ten most beautiful drives in the country. Below is Joseph Cannon (yet another cousin) on top of one of the highest peaks. Snow below him is not visible and neither are snowboarders who apparently still are enjoying the area.
Next is Cindy, again, up on another stack of stone along the way through Yellowstone. There's more than bears and geysers in Yellowstone.

A final note, days like these require more than flip-flops. It's not called Yellowstone for nothing.

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