Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Dreams May Come

I have great dreams. The best ones are those in which I can fly. Sometimes they start by me becoming aware that I can levitate and everyone is amazed. Then I take off flying. It's as wonderful as it sounds. Over the treetops I go. It used to be I had to watch out for telephone wires, but not anymore. It's free sailing now.

Last night I had a combo dream: that is one in which I had my worst dream together with a sort of flying. Somehow, I had run away from home (I'm sure I was in college, but be that as it may,) and while my mother was frantically looking for me, I was hard at work flunking out of some school in the midwest because I didn't attend, do homework, couldn't find the class and probably wasn't enrolled. Anyway, when I finally showed up back home, totally repentant of course, I was going to go talk to some dean of students. As I was walking, a disk about the size of a chair seat floated beside me, and I leapt aboard and floated to the dean's office. It was really, really fun and also a plus was that whoever it was accompanying me, stood in awe.

I think if no other great things happen in life, the ability to dream that you can fly make life worth living for sure. They even make dreams of being naked worth the risk. I have never dreamed I was flying while naked. For that I am glad, but I think a study should be done to discover why anyway.


Annie said...

can you believe i've never had a flying dream before?? Never EVER! Usually my dreams are "realistic" meaning that it could really happen, no fun really..

Lindsey said...

What a fun read! I have dreams a lot that I've accomplished things, like cleaning my house, doing the dishes, finishing a project,etc. During the dream it is the best feeling ever, but when I wake up I am always bitterly disappointed!