Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Day at the Beach

There were two conditions:

1. I will only push you on the swing once.
2. I will lift you up onto the twisty thing only once.

I sat on the bench listening to my audiobook, laughing, waving, looking watchful.

It was beautiful. The day was almost perfect. The only flaw was that the sky was a bit grey due to the fires in California.

Then the turn of events. After playing on the playground for a good, long time, they asked if we could go to the beach. "Will you not get wet?" I say not wanting their mother to be disappointed in my babysitting skills. Negative answer.

We get to the beach, and they wonder, "Could we get our shorts wet?"

My response, "If it happens, it happens, I guess."

The next thing I know, see above. Whatta day. They had the best time.

And their mother was not at all grumpy about the whole thing. Whew. No one could have resisted anyway. Not even Mom.


Annie said...

Daybreak is so awesome! I'm so jealous!

Anonymous said...

Annie, come spend some of your time with us. You know the drill. Linda