Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kelly and Some Guy, Sitting In A Tree . . .

Last Friday, Kelly Cannon, my niece of yesterday's fame,  made me remember how much fun it is to be a Cannon.

We were only about twelve miles outside of Cedar City when I remembered 1) I was hungry and 2) that she lives there.  Booyah.  Thanks to texting, we were reunioning in about fifteen minutes.  She is funny, smart, and extremely verbal just like most of the rest of us.

Further to that, we find her just days after she began to decide that she might be falling in love with her best friend.  "Might", the operative word, was there but I think it was decoration.  She glowed.  Love you Kelly.  The only person(s) allowed to demand that I remove this post is/are Kelly and her father.  I might also consider a petition from her mother.


Rex Cannon said...

Obviously don't ever remove it. However, you've never told me that I glowed!

Linda Aukschun said...

I think you glow but it's the light reflecting off the vapor hanging in the air at the car wash.