Thursday, September 10, 2009

If Wishes Were Horses, Beggers Would Ride . . .

Here's a list of things I really want to do, but not enough to actually do them, apparently.

1.  Learn the circle of fifths so that I am instantly aware of how many sharps and flats there are in any given musical key.

2.  Sell many of my unused items on eBay.

3.  See what we have in the boxes in the garage and in the basement and organize them or unload them.  I especially would like to find my pre-198& journals.

4.  Go on a teaching mission.

5.  Visit Montreal for a protracted period of time practising French endlessly.

6.  Do some writing with the hope of completing and submitting a project.  Earning movie money would just be a bonus

7.  Exercise daily.  Pilates would be great.

8.  Lose thirty pounds.  Twenty.  Ten.

9.  Digitize all my files.  And learn to trust my retrieval options.

We shall never discuss this again.


Wendy said...

I'm in for the trip to Montreal!
We can stay a night at my aunt's B&B in Vermont - you would LOVE her!

Annie said...

1. why?

2. Have Carl help you.

3. Leave 'em

4. you should!

5. Comment allez-vous?

6. Don't forget me in your Oscar speech!

7. Walking around counts as exercise.

8. Normal body weight fluctuates 5 pounds, it's like your half way there.

9. Are those file really that important?

Linda, you're so funny!

Mary's Cottage Quilts said...

You crack me up!!!