Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weird Experiences Along the Wasatch Front

Julia and I went to see Angels and Demons a couple of weeks ago and I was astonished to discover I liked it!  Astonishing because I did not like The DaVinci Code movie particularly.  I think this is because I didn't read Angels and Demons and I did read The DaVinci Code like half the world did.  There was too much in the book that I looked forward to that didn't appear in the movie, and further, the tone of the whole deal was much more menacing in the book which I liked.  Dr. Langdon, also, was not at all like the loveable guy Tom Hanks portrayed.  Oh well.  

But the most amazing point of the whole experience was that we saw a guy come into the movies wearing full LDS temple clothes with white makeup on his face.  He also had a little curtain he had fashioned out of white fabric attached to the back of his hat.  Weird.  I don't know what he was up to, but I don't think he accomplished his purpose.  Not many people paid too much attention so he just went on to go into his theater and we went into ours.  I don't know what movie he saw, but my son, Ben, suggested it might have been "Up."  Ha.

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Wendy said...

j'aime le poster de film dans le français.