Monday, September 28, 2009

Shanghai in Branson, Who'd a Thunk It?

Yes it's great now that the luggage has arrived from Dallas.  There is not much worse than sleeping in your underwear and then putting back on the duds that you travelled in.  I didn't even have a hairbrush or deodorant.  I'm just sayin'.

We went to see the Chinese Acrobats tonight and let me just say one word:  "limber".  Furthermore, they didn't even grimace.  It was fabulous.  There were tumblers, balancers, drummers, jugglers, people who leapt through hoops, a girl who stacked up a bunch of chairs and a stool and balanced on that, and a sixty-year-old ballerina who balanced on one arm to Tchaikovsky.  All too amazing.

We talked to a woman who sat next to us who said that Wayne Newton tried out Branson but he didn't last because he was too RAUNCHY.  Wayne Newton  -- raunchy?  I guess it's all relative.

And speaking of relatives, who was sitting next to me but a woman from Bountiful.  Can you believe it? No matter where you travel, you can't get away from home.  Glad I didn't shout curses and epithets, but then there was no call to do so.  It was all terrific.  Can't wait for the rest of the week now that my clean clothes are here.

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