Monday, September 14, 2009

The World Is Really Our Campus

Info alert:  during my visit to the Hogle Zoo on Saturday, I learned that our Zoo, for this brief moment in time, has the oldest elephant living in a US zoo at the same moment that we also have the youngest.  The baby above is five weeks old and the eldest is 49 years old.  While crowds stand ooohing and ahhhing at the baby, no one observes the cantankerous old beast with his/her wrinkly behind facing the crowd.  For the baby, there's the forms and the plastic box to find her a name.  I don't remember the name of the old one.  Pictured above is the baby.  I do not have a picture of the old pachyderm. 

What I learn from this is that when you're old, you need to use all the attention-getting devices you've learned over the years.  All babies need to do to get attention is eat, drink, poop, and plop over for another nap.  When you're old, you need to trumpet and stomp to be noticed.  Let this be a word to the wise.


Kris-Tell-Klear (or not) said...

Thank you 'ol-wise-one! This is a truth that is oh so painfull!

Wendy said...

Old people that poop and plop over probably get a bit more attention than they want.