Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is It Too Late to Change Majors?

Here's the deal.  Kelly Cannon, my niece, has a double major of math and English and I totally get it.

Just think.  There's alot of possibilities in English.  It's wide-open with possibilities.  It's always the wild frontier with discussion, thought, directions.  That's part of why we like it.  Controlled chaos.

Bur there's something vey satisfying about math for just the opposite reasons.  There's just one answer that can finally be found and order is restored to the universe.  And, with math, you can pretty much know when your homework is done.

Rudolph Reese was my Algebra teacher in high school.  He was a fussy, nice guy who used a chalk chuck and still always had chalk dust everywhere at the end of class.  Whenever he was teaching Algebra, I understood it.  I really think I almost thought it was fun.  But whenever I got home, it totally eluded me again.  The mistake I made was being to proud to ask anyone for help.  Particularly my father, who was a Mechanical Engineer, which made him almost a math major.

If I had it to do all over again, I'd maybe give math another shot.  Maybe I'd be good at it, too.  Maybe I would have changed the world with my input into the world of science.  Maybe I'd have made all kinds of money with my math skills and would be responsibile for turning the entire bad financial situation around for not just the United States, but the entire world.  We just won't know, will we?


sarah said...

Who know math has such potential - turning around the entire bad financial situation in the world! Where's a good mathematician when you need one?

Annie said...

I have to say, just because you're good at match doesn't mean you're good with money :) I majored in Business Economics. I still think a French major is pretty awesome though.

Linda Aukschun said...

Thanks, guys.

Kris-Tell-Klear (or not) said...

Oh we know....we know....you could have done this!!!