Saturday, June 27, 2009

Eary Comfort

I'm sure people are on the job trying to make earphones more comfy, but at this point, they've not quite succeeded. I listen to books on tape, and after awhile, the tender little cartilage in your ears begins to weary of being bent aside and starts to complain. At least mine does. Maybe the young still have more flexibility in their cartilage, but I don't seem to. Maybe the young are too distracted by the assault to their eardrums to notice.

I think there are some earphones that are more comfortable, but they cost a small fortune. My son rides a motorcycle (much to my motherly dismay) so he's got some snazzy ones to confront the noise. But he got them for a great price since he's in the electronic biz. I shudder to think how much it would be retail even at Best Buy


Sandi said...

I don't think being younger has anything to do with it! Mine always hurt when they have earphones in. It always HAS hurt (and they came out with those "nifty" ones that go IN your ears when I was in jr high, I think). Let me know if you find some that don't cost an arm or leg!

Wendy said...

Orthopedic earphones? My regular ipod set works okay. I think this may require a trip to the Apple store (I love that place!)Have you seen Vadim's photos of his trip to Yellowstone?

ben said...

you can get pretty good, comfortable ones for ~$100. mine were, unfortunately, more than the iPod i plug them into, but i wouldn't trade them for anything. except for maybe the better ones in the line. :)