Monday, June 22, 2009

Water Fighting as an Art Form

Liz McOmber was the best water-fighter in the world. Her strategy was to travel, hand-over-hand, up the hose with eyes shut, taking a full force blast in the face until she reached the nozzle, wrenching it from the hand of whoever dared to take her on, and returning the blast, full force plus. Ah, yes, the crazy redhead was the champion.

Liz once took on her pack of seven children, dousing them mercilessly and leaving them in ruins. Only the littlest children were left to retaliate with little bowls of water from the bathroom. The rest hid out.

Liz, weary of the lack of prey, turned the hose full blast on those teenage children who were retired to the family room in defeat. It was awesome.

When it was over, and it was Liz who announced when it was over, everyone was ordered to gather armfulls of dirty laundry, and use it to mop up the residue that wasn't soaked into the family, and return it to the laundry area.

And it was over. Liz had declared it over and everyone knew that water in the family room was again verboten. Liz the wonderful flaming rehead was in charge.


Jesse said...

Linda- This is Jesse - the red hairs 4th child. She was the champion and I remember the day she soaked the family room. Thank you for the post.

Love the blog!

Sandi said...

I LOVE water fights!! This reminded me of girls' camp...I was always the first to start the fights and the last to get wet!! Completely awesome!

Wendy said...

We had a couple of whopper water fights in my Dad's house - those were great times! Maybe Henry and I can resurrect the tradition this summer (maybe on the last day of vacation, just in case!)