Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why the Heck Not?

I love getting together with friends. Why don't I do it more often? I just think I'm ADD enough that I truly forget how much I love friends.

Last night Lorraine Hawkins, Gloria and Ray Hintze and their son Russell came to our house for hamburgers and salad. Prep time was the time we spend at Harmon's. We had so much fun. Lorraine and Gloria I've known since we were all in the 40th ward over in Sandy about 33 years ago. Russell I've known all his life since he is only nineteen and I remember when he was born. Ray I've known since we were both in Mrs. Turner's First Grade Class. The best First Grade Class since the world was formed.

"Let's do this more often", we said though we probably won't. I wish I had pictures from last night because you'd love to see these people, I know, but trust me -- they are beauties and they are lots of fun to be with. I love all the laughing we did. If people don't expect too much of dinner, they'll get lots of everything else, I know, if they'll just come by -- that is, if I'll just ask them to.

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