Saturday, June 20, 2009

Taking Care of Business in Retirement

We spent a couple of hours chatting with phone geeks down at the Apple store today but it was well-worth the time. I now hold in my hand my brand-new IPhone 3GS. Unfortunately I still have mo service because though Sprint cancelled my service to my Treo 755P almost instantly, AT&T is taking a leisurely approach to activating my account. Maybe six to eight hours without service. No phone, no games downloaded, no contacts to sort through, no calendar to check, no nothing. What can I do without being connected? I have needs. I guess just test-drive my "notes" and do a little blogging. Gotta love technology.

LATEBREAKING UPDATE: My phone is working. I'm phoning Carl like crazy. I did phone my son in Phoenix, too, but now I'm busy doing other things like updating apps, calendar, notes, hoorah.

We now have two Treos and two ITouches to get onto KSL Classifieds.


Brad Aukschun said...

did you spell leisurely correctly?

Linda Aukschun said...

Now I have.