Friday, June 26, 2009

Olde Family Recipes

Those crazy Mormons crossing the plains brought some crazy recipes with them. I presume that the following are vestiges of that.

We used to have Pan Haggledy. I have no idea of what the source was but it seems to me that it was kind of a poor-man's French Onion Soup. Mother would braise some onions in butter, put in some water, shred in cheese and then bread and, voila! Pan Haggledy.

Mom would also make what she called Potato Pancakes but they were not the kind you find around today. They were much better. She'd take leftover whipped potatoes, mix flour into them until it made a nice dough. Then she'd roll it out nice and thin then cut it out with a pot lid like a large cookie. She'd fry each pancake on each side, butter it liberally and make another until she had a stack maybe two inches high. She'd sprinkle sugar over the top, cut it into wedges like a pie and we'd eat our stack. There were never any leftovers.

Mother would occasionally serve 'Soggy Bread". This meant that slices of bread would be soaked in hot meat juices in the pan and placed on each of our plates. Fabulous. Fine on any weight-loss diet I would assume, too.

Dad's favorite for Sunday nights was "Bread and Milk" which meant bread broken into a glass, milk poured over the top and sugar spooned thereonto. Onion on the side, please. Straight or in vinegar.

Bread apparently was the staple and anything else that you might have around. Trifle and eclairs were not really available so they did their best with what they had. There weren't any complaints from my family if memory serves.

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