Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Work for the Living and the Dead is All the Same?

I woke at the insane hour of 6:30 AM yesterday since we had an assignment at the cannery down at Welfare Square. When we first arrived, I blearily caught a glimpse of the first line of the following which I've printed in total near the bottom, and scoffed to myself. "The work you do in the cannery is the same as you do in the temple." I continued on to get my white smocky thing, a hairnet and washed my hands to glove up.

Carl and I worked hard. We measured out huge quantities of additives for spaghetti sauce which included citric acid in the quantity of one-and-one half pounds and ten pounds of spaghetti seasonings. We washed huge drums and stacked them and also broke down cardboard boxes. At the end, I boxed up spaghetti bottles and ran the boxes through the taping machine.

As we left, I think I felt more in line with the following. It was hard work but it felt good and right. I thought about the people who would be eating the spaghetti sauce and enjoying its tasty goodness and I was happy. While washing out the drums, my shoes and pant legs got soaked and our smocks looked like butcher aprons when we were done, but I was glad to be there.

You are aware of the people you are making spaghetti sauce for just like you are aware of the people you go through the temple for. But better yet, the Spirit is really there and it was wonderful. Need I say more? I'll happily go again though I imagine I'll grumble in my heart to get up again, then maybe I'll remember this little piece of testimony:

"The work you do in the cannery is the same as you do in the temple:.
The onle difference is, in the temple you do work for the dead
and in the cannery you do work for the living.
At the temple you make your covenants and at the cannery you keep them.
All things were spiritual before they were temporal.
Therefore, all things are spiritual."

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