Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yellowstone - I Went, I Saw, It Conquered

This morning I've written about twenty blogs during brief moments of consciousness, all while trying to convince myself that getting up would be the thing to do. I've been in Yellowstone for the past week and the recovery process is slow.

We had a wonderful time. Saw plenty of flora, and the fauna was plentiful too. Family completes the triumvirate of "F"s. Above is pictured part of the group at Mammoth.

I love Yellowstone now that we camp in campers. A couple of the downsides are the long hauls on the road getting from place to place, and the lack of the Internet, but talking and laughing with family seemed to compensate for that.

I did spend one summer working at Old Faithful fifty years ago, but the social life then was the point. I don't remember even if I saw Old Faithful erupt once.

It's good to be home but it was great to be there. I surprised myself at how much fun I had.


Wendy said...

I thought it was just you and Carl in a Winnebago - viva la familia!

Lindsey said...

Linda I loved, loved, loved talking and laughing with you in Yellowstone. I would also like you to note that this comment provides further evidence that I read your blog! :)