Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fearful Friends and their Phobias

People have strange phobias. I have a friend who has endured years in analysis to overcome her strange fear of having a child throw up on her back. None of the approaches or techniques have worked. As a consequence, she barely endures children and particularly when they get behind her. I was both amazed and a bit entertained by her misery so one can imagine my joy on relating to her how at a Jordan Middle School band concert, a little girl threw up in profuse quantity on the back of the woman who was sitting behind me. The woman remained in her seat for much of the concert in order to hear her child's part in the program. She sat forward in her seat so she would not besmirch the back of the seat behind her. Hence, she was close enough to chat a bit through the whole event. It was hilarious though she was not particularly amused.

Today in Sacrament Meeting, the little girl behind me kept saying to her mother, "I'm sick." I kept waiting for the excitement to begin. I thought that perhaps I would have a new anecdote to amuse my friend with, but it didn't ever happen. Alas.

But still it occurs to me to wonder why that mother kept ignoring her little girl. "I'm sick" to a child as small as she means "I'm going to hurl." No matter how strong your own stomach is, who needs that kind of mess? And who knows who might be around us who might be, like my friend, in peril of a personal meltdown?


cba191 said...

And this has to do with the rolling stones how?

Linda Aukschun said...

Nothing. It was just as close to vomiting as I dared get without offending too much.