Friday, June 19, 2009

Temple Developments

Did I come close to laying down on one of the beautiful couches in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple yesterday as I did my five-hour shift of ushering? No, but I came close to coming close to it. I don't have the shoes, the stamina or the legs for it. I did much better than I thought I would, though.

It was great seeing so many people. The down times allowed me to sit, but they were long and fortunately few.

I saw one former student, Rosie Taylor, with her family, a former colleague, Br. Tolman with his wife, Julia's former best pal from Yelm, Washington, Theresa Garner, and a few friends from the area. I noticed closely the beautiful ceilings, the incredible wood in the Instruction Room where I was assigned but totally forgot to reinspect the Celestial Room. Oh well. I'll get time for that.

Our Daybreak area is totally thrilled about the whole thing still. We love having the visitors come through our neighborhood and we certainly anticipate with excitement the day the temple will be dedicated.

I think I've even forgiven my son for being more excited about having a spike in his real estate value than actually having a Temple here. I believe he's gotten over that.

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Mr. Bob said...

We went there - it's beautiful! Next on the list must be Mill Creek/Holladay Temple, right? Why should you guys get all the blessings..?