Monday, June 1, 2009

UP -- a "Five Thumbs Up" Movie

The family saw UP on Saturday. We were up in the rafters and it didn't matter a bit. We also had our 3D glasses to contend with but that was no problem after a minute.

It was great. Ed Asner was perfect as Carl and Carl was the hero. He was a cranky old guy who wanted to get out and he did with the aid of fifty-thousand-jillion balloons. Carl is my husband and he's also sometimes cranky, but not often. And he's also a hero.

But I digress. The movie had heartbreak, death, fear, terror, attacking dogs, a hero who turns out to be horribly bad, and menace to a small boy and old man, but it was wonderful. It had a great plot, wasn't particularly predictable and had many twists and turns of events.

It was fun having Ali, 4, on my lap since she'd tense up like a little spring at the more scary parts, especially when the dogs came lunging. I'm not so sure, though, whether or not someone younger than she is ready for it. But I think Ali is showing no cracks in the veneer yet as a result. And remember we all survived the Wizard of Oz's flying monkeys.

What was really best was hearing Julia explaining death to Sophia, 6, down the row interspersed with a bunch of questions from Sophia. You wouldn't think that would be funny, but it was.

Five thumbs up. Not a dull moment and lots of inside jokes. I particularly enjoyed the dogs calling the little boy scout the "Little Mailman."


Annie said...

Great review, maybe i'll take the kids on friday! not that 3d version though, sami doesn't like that.

Linda Aukschun said...

Let me know what you think.