Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Woman Like Rubies

Colleen Asay is one of those astonishingly beautiful women whose incredible smile lights a room without saying a word. One of those virtuous women whose worth is of rubies. One of those who make us momentarily dispair of being so loud, boistrous and garish. (Momentarily, because it's not even worth trying to become like her.)

Today was her funeral and it was wonderful, just like Colleen. I happened to be there because her beautiful daughter, Marcianne, is my sister-in-law. Robert D. Hales was also there because Carlos Egan Asay, Colleen's husband served with Brother Hales in the Seven Presidents of the Seventies and because Colleen and Carlos Asay were Matron and President of the Salt Lake Temple. Of them, Brother Hales said "They did never look upon death with any degree of terror" quoting the Book of Mormon.

Of Colleen it was said that she always made people feel important. She provided life, love and laughter. I could be more like her in that.

During Carlos Asay's stint as Mission President, President Faust had said of their four sons with muscular distrophy that they would be all right. Doctors had said they wouldn't survive past twenty-five. They all still survive Colleen into their forties and fifties, in fulfillment of this promise.

In tender remembrance of Colleen it was said that this "Elect Lady" had waited for her reunion with Carlos for eleven years. Though we miss her presence, we can be assured of her glorious reunion with him. What a woman. What a life.

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bevanmission said...

Just came across your tribute to Sis Asay. Thank-you! How I loved her and Pres. Asay and will cherish the opportunity and blessing to have been able to have served in the Salt Lake Temple when they were there. Remembering brings such a flood of emotions for experiences that can only be described as tender mercies from the Lord! I feel so blessed to have happened upon your post! Thank-you!